Representation of Performance Data for HVAC&R and Other Facility Equipment
ASHRAE Standard Project Committee 205

Member Roster

Current as of 10/3/2022

Name Voting Status Committee Position
Charles Barnaby Voting Chair; PcvM-User
Neal Kruis Voting Vice Chair; PcvM-General
James Pegues Non-voting Secretary; NvM-User
Eric Berg Voting PcvM-Producer
Abram Conant Voting PcvM-User
John Crosby Voting PcvM-User
Kamel Haddad Voting PcvM-General
Hugh Henderson Voting PcvM-General
Robert Hitchcock Voting PcvM-General
Tianzhen Hong Voting PcvM-User
Philip Kennedy Voting PcvM-User
Richard Lord Voting PcvM-Producer
Timothy McDowell Voting PcvM-User;webmaster
Judith Peters Voting PcvM-Producer
Kristin Sullivan Voting PcvM-Producer
Edmund Wong Voting PcvM-General
Justin Wong Voting PcvM-General
Jian Xu Voting PcvM-Producer
Wongyu Choi Voting Or/ahri; PcvM-Producer
Jaime Yeh Non-voting Aor/ahri; PcvM-Producer
Karim Amrane Non-voting NvM-Producer
Michael Brandemuehl Non-voting NvM-General
Drury Crawley Non-voting NvM-User
Ian Doebber Non-voting NvM-General
Drake Erbe Non-voting NvM-Producer
Luis Escobar Non-voting NvM-Producer
Brent Eubanks Non-voting NvM-User
Jason Glazer Non-voting NvM-User
Krishnan Gowri Non-voting NvM-General
Philip Haves Non-voting NvM-General
Walter Hunt Non-voting NvM-Producer
Spencer Kaufman Non-voting NvM-Producer
Ji Hyun Kim Non-voting NvM-General
Jeremy Lerond Non-voting NvM-General
Douglas Maddox Non-voting NvM-General
Ralph Muehleisen Non-voting NvM-User
Charles Plourde-Leblanc Non-voting NvM-Producer
Yi Qu Non-voting NvM-Producer
Stephen Roth Non-voting NvM-User
Reinhard Seidl Non-voting NvM-User
PC Thomas Non-voting NvM-User
Jeffrey Whitelaw Non-voting NvM-Producer
Michael Zamalis Non-voting NvM-Producer
James Lutz Non-voting Spls Liaison
Mark Weber Non-voting Staff Liaison