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ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.1

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TC 9.1 is proud to have successfully assembled programs for the Chicago Winter Conference 2024:

Forum 1: Can We Engineer for Decarbonization?

Chair: Kelley Cramm, P.E.

Decarbonization has become the forefront of the movement to counter the effects of climate change. But what does this mean for consulting engineers tasked with implementing decarbonization in their designs? How does this effort affect our relationship to our clients and building owners, who hire us? What if building owners are not interested in decarbonization? This forum is intended to open a discussion about decarbonization in the context of the market and formulate ideas for how we can move toward mitigating climate change but still meet our obligations to our clients.

Seminar 29: Does Solar and/or Wind Energy Have a Role in Large and Tall Building Systems?

Chair: Dennis Wessel, P.E.

Co-sponsored by TC 9.12 Tall Buildings

Tall buildings are prevalent in our society. With our future trending toward Net Zero energy, how can designs incorporate sufficient renewable energy to accommodate this requirement?  Roof areas in tall buildings are a very low percentage of the overall floor area. Title 24 requires that 35% of roof contain solar panels. This leaves little tall building roof area  for HVAC equipment for a limited energy benefit. Some countries require that buildings over 80 stories have 2-1/2% of total energy consumption from renewable sources.  With limited onsite generation capability, will this requirement dictate that owners construct a renewable energy farm offsite?

TC 9.1 is working on programs for the Indianapolis Annual Conference and Orlando Winter Conference. Information about programs will be uploaded here when available.


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