Duct Design
ASHRAE Technical Committee 5.2


June 22-26, 2024


TC 5.2 Main Committee Meeting

Date: Tuesday, June 25

Time: 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM EDT

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Room: Indy Marriott, Indiana G (1)

Meeting Format: Hybrid 

TC0502 Indianapolis Agenda 20230625


TC 5.2 Duct Design Main Committee Meeting - Virtual component


Click here for Virtual Attendance

Meeting ID: 229 349 936 411 

Passcode: G7iSCQ 


Please mute your microphone and write in the chat:

1. your first and last name

2. company/school association, or independent status, if applicable.

3. current email address

4. status with the committee (VM- Voting Member, CM- Corresponding Member, PCM- Provisional Corresponding Member, V- Visitor)

5. note (+YEA) if a current YEA member

6. Position (Subcommittee chair, liaison, etc.)


Please use the "Raise Hand" function if you would like to address the committee, and everyone please start your comments by identifying yourself, so that everyone can follow who is speaking both within the room and virtually.

If attending in the room AND logging on to the virtual meeting- immediately MUTE both your microphone AND your speakers, to reduce interference. We will have a microphone in the room to pick up your reports.

If you have any notes that you would like to be displayed on screen during your update to the committee, please send to bittelcindy@gmail.com by 5pm on Monday June 24th. (Thank you in advance!)

Attend a Committee Meeting

ALL ASHRAE committee meetings, including this TC’s meetings at the Winter and Annual Society conferences, are open to the public at no cost nor is conference registration required. Interested visitors, local chapter members, and potential new TC members are always welcome. However to attend technical program sessions sponsored by the TC will require registration and payment of any applicable fee.

Participation in an ASHRAE TC provides the opportunity to grow professionally and to contribute to the advancement of HVAC&R within an international organization recognized for shaping the future of the built environment through research, standards writing, publishing, and education.