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Orlando Meeting, January 2016

TC 9.3 is co-sponsoring the following Technical Session at the Orlando meeting:

Tuesday, January 26, 8:00 AM-9:30 AM
Best Practices in Manufacturing, Field Installation and Servicing Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Systems
Chair: Georgi Kazachki, Ph.D., Fellow ASHRAE, Dayton Phoenix Group, Inc., Dayton, OH
The efficient, reliable and environmentally sound operation of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems depends to a large extent on the presence of moisture, non-condensables, contaminants and refrigerant leaks. Good practices have been established over the years, yet time and cost-reduction pressures often lead to questioning some of these practices, such as minimizing component exposure to ambient before assembly and installation, brazing with inert gas, leak elimination and deep evacuation before charging with the proper amount of fresh refrigerant. This seminar illustrates the best practices with respect to the system chemistry and material compatibility in refrigeration systems.

1. Using a Protective Atmosphere during Brazing of HVAC and Refrigeration Tubing and Its Effect on the Formation of System Contamination
Marc Scancarello, P.E., Member, Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc., Sidney, OH
2. Effects of Process Lubricants for Fin Stamping, Tube Bending and Construction of HVAC&R Systems
Robert Turner, Metalloid Corporation, Sturgis, MI
3. Impact of Refrigeration System Commissioning on Energy Usage and System Reliability
Michael Collins, Carlyle Compressor Company, Syracuse, NY
4. Servicing AC and Refrigeration Systems for Efficiency and Reliability
Robert Scorupsky, P.E., Member, Daikin America, Inc., New Brunswick, NJ

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