Energy Efficient Design of Low-Rise Residential Buildings
ASHRAE Standing Standard Project Committee 90.2

Member Roster

Current as of 6/13/2024

Name Voting Status Committee Position
David Goldstein Voting Chair; PcvM-General; Lighting Subcommittee
Vrushali Mendon Voting Vice Chair; PcvM-General; Decabonization Subcommittee
Philip Agee Voting PcvM-General; Mechanical Subcommittee
Bryan Ahee Voting PcvM-Industry; Mechanical Subcommittee
Robert Berry Voting PcvM-Industry; Mechanical Subcommittee
Wesley Davis Voting PcvM-Industry; Mechanical Subcommittee
E. Benjamin Edwards Voting PcvM-User; Envelope Subcommittee
Philip Fairey Voting PcvM-General; Decarbonization Subcommittee
Nathalie Faubert Voting PcvM-User; Lighting Subcommittee
Vishal Garg Voting PcvM-User; Lighting Subcommittee
Michael Jouaneh Voting PcvM-Industry; Chair; Lighting Subcommittee
Michael Lubliner Voting PcvM-User; Mechanical Subcommittee
Alice Rosenberg Voting PcvM-General; Decarbonization Subcommittee
Aniruddh Roy Voting PcvM-User; Decarbonization Subcommittee
Wayne Stoppelmoor Voting PcvM-Industry; Lighting Subcommittee
Bruce Swiecicki Voting PcvM-Utility; Decarbonization Subcommittee
Ted Wayne Voting PcvM-Industry; Mechanical Subcommittee
Sivakumar Gopalnarayanan Voting PcvM-Designer; Mechanical Subcommittee
R Mathis Voting PcvM-User; Envelope Subcommittee
B Simon Pallin Voting PcvM-Compliance; Chair; Envelope Subcommittee
Abdullah Nisar Siddiqui Voting PcvM-General; Envelope Subcommittee
Theresa Weston Voting PcvM-General; Envelope Subcommittee
James Earley Non-voting Aor/eei; PcvM-Utility; Mechanical Subcommittee
Steven Rosenstock Voting Or/eei; PcvM-Utility; Mechanical Subcommittee
Mihir Shah Non-voting PsvM-General; Lighting Subcommittee
Prateek Shrestha Non-voting PsvM-General; Mechanical Subcommittee
Shilpa Surana Non-voting PsvM-Utility; Decarbonization Subcommittee
Mike Topitzhofer Non-voting PsvM-Industry; Mechanical Subcommittee
Martha VanGeem Non-voting Consultant
Mark Lien Non-voting Ies Liaison
Jennifer Isenbeck Non-voting Spls Liaison
Emily Toto Non-voting Staff Liaison