Standard for the Design of High-Performance, Green Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings
ASHRAE Standing Standard Project Committee 189.1

Member Roster

Current as of 7/22/2024

Name Voting Status Committee Position
Robin Bryant Voting Chair; PcvM-Industry
Charles Eley Voting Co VicE-Chair; PcvM-General
Josh Jacobs Voting CO-Vice Chair; PcvM-General
Michael Jouaneh Voting Co VicE-Chair; PcvM-Industry
Lawrence Schoen Voting Co VicE-Chair; PcvM-Designer
Frank Burns Voting PcvM-Designer
Brittany Carl Moser Voting PcvM-Designer
Michael Cudahy Voting PcvM-Industry
Thomas Culp Voting PcvM-Industry
Anthony Floyd Voting PcvM-Compliance
Gregg Gress Voting PcvM-Compliance
Thomas Hogarth Voting PcvM-Compliance
Donald Horn Voting PcvM-General
Jonathan McHugh Voting PcvM-General
Susan McLaughlin Voting PcvM-General
Tiffany Reed-Villarreal Voting PcvM-Industry
Rock Ridolfi Voting PcvM-Designer
Steven Rosenstock Voting PcvM-Utility
Kent Sovocool Voting PcvM-General
Wayne Stoppelmoor Voting PcvM-Industry
Christine Subasic Voting PcvM-Industry
Martha VanGeem Voting PcvM-General
Theresa Weston Voting PcvM-Industry
Jian Zhang Voting PcvM-General
Jeff Bradley Voting Or/awc; PcvM-Industry
Ernest Conrad Voting Or/boma; PcvM-User
John Cross Voting Or/aisc; PcvM-Industry
William (Bill) Le Roy Voting Or/usepa; PcvM-Compliance
Jodi Smits Anderson Voting Or/nbi; PcvM-General
Joe Winters Voting Or/aia; PcvM-Designer
Darryl Dixon Non-voting Aor/nrmca; PcvM-Industry
Jim Edelson Non-voting Aor; NvM-Compliance
Robert Goo Non-voting Aor/usepa; PcvM-Compliance
Greg Johnson Non-voting Aor/awc; PcvM-Industry
Andrew Klein Non-voting Aor/boma; NvM-User
Max Puchtel Non-voting Aor/aisc; PcvM-Industry
Bryan Ahee Non-voting NvM-Industry
Constantinos Balaras Non-voting NvM-General
Julie Chandler Non-voting NvM-Designer
Glen Clapper Non-voting NvM-Industry
Ellen Franconi Non-voting NvM-Compliance
Anne Gire Non-voting NvM-Compliance
Jack Karlin Non-voting NvM-Industry
Paul Karrer Non-voting NvM-Industry
Gerald Kettler Non-voting NvM-General
Saber Khoshdel Nikkho Non-voting NvM-Designer
Thomas Lawrence Non-voting NvM-General
Hao Li Non-voting NvM-Industry
Richard Lord Non-voting NvM-Industry
Mark Malkin Non-voting NvM-General
Erik Miller-Klein Non-voting NvM-Designer
Alyssa Mrvos Non-voting NvM-Compliance
Andrew Persily Non-voting NvM-General
Aniruddh Roy Non-voting NvM-General
Brent Rutherford Non-voting NvM-User
Michael Schmeida Non-voting NvM-Industry
Matthew Setzekorn Non-voting NvM-Designer
Terry Sharp Non-voting NvM-General
Alexander Smith Non-voting NvM-Industry
Dennis Stanke Non-voting NvM-Industry
Kyle Thompson Non-voting NvM-Industry
John Topmiller Non-voting NvM-Designer
Daniel Whittet Non-voting NvM-Designer
Jasmine Wong Non-voting NvM-Designer
Webly Bowles Non-voting Consultant
Carmen Cejudo Non-voting Consultant
Margaret Curtz Non-voting Consultant
Patricia Fritz Non-voting Consultant
Pieter Gagnon Non-voting Consultant
Eric Giannini Non-voting Consultant
Roger Hedrick Non-voting Consultant
Randall Higa Non-voting Consultant
Emily Lorenz Non-voting Consultant
C. Marsh Non-voting Consultant
Victor Nino Non-voting Consultant
Henry Richardson Non-voting Consultant
Jane Rohde Non-voting Consultant
Amanda Smith Non-voting Consultant
Katherine Stekr Non-voting Consultant
Lingzhe Wang Non-voting Spls Liaison
Satish Iyengar Non-voting Spls Liaison
Mark Lien Non-voting Ies Liaison
Russ Manning Non-voting Icc Liaison
Wesley Sullens Non-voting Usgbc Liaison
Thomas Loxley Non-voting Staff Liaison; Webmaster