Method for Determining the Energy Consumption Caused by Air-Cleaning and Filtration Devices
ASHRAE Guideline Project Committee 35

Member Roster

Current as of 4/14/2024

Name Voting Status Committee Position
Geoffrey Crosby Voting Chair; PcvM-Producer
Todd McGrath Voting Secretary; PcvM-Producer
Jonathan Rajala Voting Webmaster; PcvM-Producer
Michael Corbat Voting PcvM-Producer
Brian Krafthefer Voting PcvM-General
Kartik Potukuchi Voting PcvM-Producer
Christine Sun Voting PcvM-General
Donald Thornburg Voting PcvM-Producer
Paolo Tronville Voting PcvM-General
R Vijayakumar Voting PcvM-General
Brandon Boor Non-voting NvM-General
Richard Chesson Non-voting NvM-Producer
Henry Greist Non-voting NvM-Producer
Bruce McDonald Non-voting Nvm; General
Matt Middlebrooks Non-voting NvM-Producer
Joseph Pessa Non-voting Nvm; Producer
Andrew Untz Non-voting Nvm; Producer
James Lutz Non-voting Spls Liaison
Mark Weber Non-voting Staff Liaison