Methods of Testing for Rating Combination Space-Heating and Water-Heating Appliances
ASHRAE Standard Project Committee 124

Member Roster

Current as of 9/30/2022

Name Voting Status Committee Position
Ben Schoenbauer Voting Chair; PcvM-General
Thomas Butcher Voting Vice Chair; PcvM-General
James Lutz Voting Secretary; PcvM-General
Aykut Yilmaz Non-voting Webmaster; NvM-General
Mehdi Doura Voting PcvM-Producer
David Kalensky Voting PcvM-General
Gary Klein Voting PcvM-User
Kishan Padakannaya Voting PcvM-Producer
Phillip Stephens Voting PcvM-Producer
Eric Truskoski Voting PcvM-Producer
Mehar Bade Non-voting NvM-General
Stephen Bagshaw Non-voting NvM-Producer
Joel Carpenter Non-voting NvM-Producer
Jeff Evans Non-voting NvM-Producer
Craig Grider Non-voting NvM-User
Richard Hall Non-voting NvM-General
David King Non-voting NvM-Producer
George Kusterer Non-voting NvM-General
Roger Marran Non-voting NvM-Producer
Mehran Seyed Ahmadi Non-voting NvM-General
Judd Smith Non-voting NvM-General
Jeromy Snyder Non-voting NvM-General
Martin Thomas Non-voting NvM-General
James York Non-voting NvM-Producer
Mark Weber Non-voting Staff Liaison