Method of Test for Evaluating Building Performance Simulation Software
ASHRAE Standing Standard Project Committee 140

Member Roster

Current as of 10/3/2022

Name Voting Status Committee Position
Joel Neymark Voting Chair; PcvM-General
Timothy McDowell Voting Vice Chair; PcvM-Producer; Webmaster
Birajan Bhandari Voting PcvM-Producer
Benjamin Brannon Voting PcvM-User
Drury Crawley Voting PcvM-Producer
Piljae Im Voting PcvM-User
Maria Karpman Voting PcvM-User
Neal Kruis Voting PcvM-Producer
Michael Kummert Voting PcvM-User
Matthew Leach Voting PcvM-User
James Pegues Voting PcvM-Producer
Amir Roth Voting PcvM-General
Michael Witte Voting PcvM-General
Da Yan Voting PcvM-General
Ronald Judkoff Non-voting NvM-General
Paul Strachan Non-voting NvM-General
Jason Glazer Non-voting NvM-User
Krishnan Gowri Non-voting NvM-User
Kamel Haddad Non-voting NvM-General
Scott Horowitz Non-voting NvM-Producer
Ji Hyun Kim Non-voting NvM-User
James Lutz Non-voting NvM-General
James McNeill Non-voting NvM-General
Ralph Muehleisen Non-voting NvM-General
Xin Zhou Non-voting NvM-General
Margaret Mathison Non-voting Spls Liaison
Mark Weber Non-voting Staff Liaison