Design, Construction and Operation of Sustainable High Performance Health Care Facilities
ASHRAE Standing Standard Project Committee 189.3

Member Roster

Current as of 10/3/2022

Name Voting Status Committee Position
Douglas Fick Voting Chair; PcvM-Designer
Brittany Carl Moser Voting Vice Chair; PcvM-Designer
Timothy Earhart Voting PcvM-General
Jeremy Fauber Voting PcvM-Designer
Mikhail Fuks Voting PcvM-Designer
Melvin Glass Voting PcvM-Designer
Kevin Hutton Voting PcvM-User
James Keyzer Voting PcvM-User
Donnley Phillips Voting PcvM-User
David Rivas Voting PcvM-User
Jane Rohde Voting PcvM-Industry
David Thomsen Voting PcvM-User
Walter Vernon Voting PcvM-Designer
Kara Brooks Voting Or/ashe; PcvM-User
Leah Hummel Non-voting Aor/ashe; NvM-User
Jason Lea Non-voting NvM-User
Ashley Mulhall Non-voting NvM-Designer
Peter Mustacich Non-voting NvM-Designer
Brent Rutherford Non-voting NvM-User
Michael Zorich Non-voting NvM-Designer
Michael Sheerin Non-voting Consultant
Jay Kohler Non-voting Spls Liaison
Ryan Shanley Non-voting Staff Liaison