Water Treatment
ASHRAE Technical Committee 3.6


ASHRAE Service Awards

"Welcome news: Our very own Paul Lindahl has been chosen as this year’s (2017) George B Hightower Technical Achievement Award Recipient!" - Sarah Ferrair, TC3.6 Chair

This award recognizes Paul for the countless hours and efforts which he has given freely to ASHRAE Technical Committees. On behalf of the Water Treatment Technical Committee, we all wish to thank Paul for his tremendous contributions to our TC and to ASHRAE membership on our behalf.  Thanks to Paul for your service to ASHRAE, your support of TC 3.6 and SSPC188.  Congratulations Paul!

Social Night in Las Vegas

 Social night was held at Gordon Biersch on Monday evening with 41 people in attendance!!  Thank you to Leon Shapiro for organizing this year's event.  It was well attended by both TCs 3.6 and 8.6, with a great time had by all.  Photos to come when available

Social Night in St. Louis

 Social night was held at Copia Restaurant & Wine Garden, Monday evening, with many in attendance.  Thank you to Dan Weimar for organizing the event, it was awesome!


Social Night in New York City

Social night was held at the Basso56 on Sunday evening. Host: Michael Patton.  Watch out for the snow!



Social Night in Denver

Social night was held at the The Broker on Sunday evening. Host: Jon Cohen.  A good time was had by all.



Social Night in Albuquerque

Social night was held at the Artichoke Cafe on Sunday evening. Host: Mike Patton, current Chair of TC 3.6

Social Night in Orlando

Thanks to our Social Night Chair, Mike Adams. A good time was had by nineteen committee members and guests at Seasons 52.


Social Night in Louisville

A good time was had by nineteen committee members in Louisville at the L&N Wine Bar and Bistro, www.landnwinebarandbistro.com. To view photos from the evening, please click here.


Social Night in Salt Lake City

A good time was had by nineteen committee members in Salt Lake City on Sunday, June 27, 2008 at Christophers!


Social Night in New York City

A good time was had by all at the Social night in New York City, January 2008, at the Platforma Churrascaria!



Social Night in Long Beach

A good time was had by all at the Reef Restaurant with a great view of the downtown Long Beach skyline from across the Queensway Harbor. Special thanks to Paul Lindahl for organizing this event!