Gaseous Air Contaminants and Gas Contaminant Removal Equipment
ASHRAE Technical Committee 2.3

Meeting Documents

Download documents from previous committee meetings below according to the appropriate society year. ASHRAE's society year begins on July 1 and ends June 30.


Summer 2024 Meeting: Indianapolis
TC0203 Summer Main Meeting Minutes 2024
TC0203 Summer Planning Minutes 2024
TC0203 Summer Program Minutes 2024
TC0203 Summer Research Minutes 2024
Note: No Standards or Handbook meeting Summer 2024


Winter 2024 Meeting: Chicago
TC0203 Winter Handbook Minutes 2024
TC0203 Winter Main Meeting Minutes 2024
TC0203 Winter Planning Minutes 2024

TC0203 Winter Program Minutes 2024
TC0203 Winter Research Minutes 2024
Note: No Standards Meeting Winter 2024




TC0203 KansasCity Main Minutes DRAFT 201906

TC0203 KansasCity Handbook Minutes DRAFT 201906

TC0203 KansasCity Planning Minutes DRAFT 201906

TC0203 KansasCity Program Minutes DRAFT 201906

TC0203 KansasCity Research Minutes DRAFT 201906

TC0203 KansasCity Standards Minutes 201906



TC0203 Atlanta Handbook Minutes 201901

TC0203 Atlanta Main Minutes 201901

TC0203 Atlanta Planning Minutes 201901

TC0203 Atlanta Program Minutes 201901

TC0203 Atlanta Research Minutes 201901

TC0203 Atlanta Standards Minutes 201901





TC0203 LongBeach Handbook Minutes 201706

TC0203 LongBeach Main Minutes DRAFT 201706

TC0203 LongBeach Planning Minutes 201706

TC0203 LongBeach Program Minutes v1 20170627

TC0203 LongBeach Research Minutes DRAFT v1 201706

TC0203 LongBeach Standards Minutes 201706

TC0203 LasVegas Handbook Minutes A 201701

TC0203 LasVegas Main Minutes DRAFT 201701

TC0203 LasVegas Planning Minutes DRAFT 201701

TC0203 LasVegas Research Minutes DRAFT 201701

TC0203 LasVegas Standards Minutes DRAFT 201701





TC0203 StLouis Main Minutes DRAFT 201606

TC0203 StLouis Handbook Minutes DRAFT 201606

TC0203 StLouis Planning Minutes DRAFT 201606

TC0203 StLouis Program Minutes 201606

TC0203 StLouis Research Minutes DRAFT 201606

TC0203 StLouis Standards Minutes 201606



TC0203 Orlando Handbook Minutes DRAFT 20160125

TC0203 Orlando Main Minutes FINAL 20160126

TC0203 Orlando Planning Minutes DRAFT 20160126

TC0203 Orlando Program Minutes DRAFT 20160126

TC0203 Orlando Research Minutes DRAFT 20160124

TC0203 Orlando Standards Minutes DRAFT 20160125


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Other Publications

Additional documents produced by the TC may be available for direct download or for purchase through the ASHRAE Bookstore, as noted below.


Presentations from TC sponsored seminars can be downloaded here, if available.

The seminar format is to present information of current interest and to provide a venue for interaction between ASHRAE members. These seminars should not be considered peer-reviewed (or the final word on any subject), investigated, and ASHRAE expressly disclaims any duty to investigate any product, service, procedure, design, or the like which may be described herein. The appearance of any technical data or editorial material in this presentation does not constitute endorsement, warranty, or guarantee by ASHRAE of any product, service, process, procedure, design, or the like. Neither ASHRAE, the authors nor their employers warrant that the information in this presentation is free of errors. The entire risk of the use of any information in this presentation is assumed by the user. Before making any decision or taking any action on this subject, you should consult a qualified professional advisor.


Seminar 5-2 - Brad Stanley June 2007
This information was presented at ASHRAE Seminar 5 held at the 2007 annual meeting in Long Beach, CA.

Draft of RTAR slides 011416e
This information was presented at the TC2.3 Research subcommittee meeting held at the 2016 ASHRAE winter meeting in Orlando, FL.

Seminar 6 – Fighting the Unseen Killers: Gas-Phase Air Cleaners
What is in My Gas Phase Filter and Why? Presented ASHRAE Winter Conference 2021

Special Publications

Abstract for ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook Chapter 11 Air Contaminants

Chapter 11, Air Contaminants, appears in the ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook. Its intent is to help engineers understand air contaminants, both particulate and gaseous, and to provide information to help them deal with problems related to contaminant presence in buildings. The chapter contains mainly educational material.

The section on particles covers types, size ranges, units and measurement methods. It also deals with bioaerosols (mainly molds and bacteria).

The gaseous contaminant section includes basic information on chemical classes, properties such as volatility, sources, units, and measurement methods. Special attention is paid to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and important gaseous inorganic pollutants.

The chapter also addresses classes of contaminants that have some common characteristics such as a source or regulatory framework. These include outdoor air contaminants, industrial and non-industrial indoor air contaminants, flammable gases and vapors, combustible dusts, radioactive air contaminants, and soil gases. 

Abstract for ASHRAE HVAC Applications Handbook Chapter 46 Control of Gaseous Indoor Air Contaminants

Chapter 46, Control of Gaseous Indoor Air Contaminants, appears in the ASHRAE HVAC Applications Handbook. Its intent is both to help engineers to understand the processes that remove gaseous contaminants from air and to provide information that enables engineers to design and specify gaseous contaminant air cleaners for HVAC systems.

The principal gas removal processes, physical adsorption and chemisorption, are characterized and their terminology explained. Sample source emission data is shown with advice on using it to predict contaminant concentrations in buildings. Information is given on selecting the removal processes appropriate for different contaminant types and occupied spaces and on sizing duct-mounted gaseous air cleaners.

The chapter also covers air-cleaning system design, installation, start-up, commissioning, safety issues, operations and maintenance, and methods of test for efficiency and service life.