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ASHRAE Technical Committee 1.5

Meeting Information

ASHRAE 2022 Winter Conference
Las Vegas, NV

TC 1.5 is sponsoring or cosponsoring the following technical sessions at the ASHRAE 2022 Winter Conference.

Monday, January 31, 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM
Seminar 20 (Intermediate): HVAC Design, Control and Operation of Hospitals After COVID-19 Fiasco
Track: Environmental Health and IEQ in the International Arena
Room: Augustus III/IV
Sponsor: 1.4 Control Theory and Application, 9.6 Healthcare Facilities , TC-1.5, TC-7.3, TC-7.5, TC-2.8
Chair: Frank Shadpour, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, SC Engineers, Inc., San Diego, CA
COVID-19 came from nowhere; worldwide and without exception, our hospitals were not ready. Healthcare planners didn’t expect it and HVAC Engineers had not designed for it. So, what happens now? We obviously don’t have adequate numbers of isolation rooms and research indicates that the ventilation methods of the past are inadequate to support the infection control and indoor air quality requirements of the future. This seminar presents the latest technology and findings for the proper design, control and operation of hospitals to comply with today’s requirements. Air change per hour, filtration and building automation are among the topics of discussion.

1. The Hospital of the Future: Designing for Energy Efficiency and Infection Control
Timothy Jacoby, Scripps Health, San Diego, CA


2. Designing Flexible and Adaptable HVAC Systems
Renshaw Edward, P.E., Kaiser Permanente, La Mesa, CA


Wednesday, February 2, 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Seminar 35 (Intermediate): Energy Modeling and Performance Assessment of Fuel Switching Retrofit Strategies with Air-to-Water Heat Pump Central Plant Systems
Track: Buildings at 360°
Room: Neopolitan I/II
Sponsor: 1.5 Computer Applications, 7.1 Integrated Building Design
Chair: Krishnan Gowri, Ph.D., Fellow ASHRAE, Intertek, TACOMA, WA
This seminar presents strategies and a case study of energy modeling to evaluate the energy performance of air-to-water heat pump central plant systems replacing conventional chiller-boiler plant systems. A fuel-switch retrofit model of a large hotel prototype used for ASHRAE 90.1 development is created by replacing the baseline plant system with an air-to-water heat pump system. An energy management control algorithm is developed to supplement heat pump operation with a natural gas boiler for optimal performance. Energy simulation results show that energy savings greater than 20% and up to 50% emissions reduction can be realized with this fuel switch strategy.

1. An Energy Modeling Case Study of Air-to-Water Heat Pump Fuel-Switch Retrofit Central Plant Systems
Krishnan Gowri, Ph.D., Fellow ASHRAE, Intertek, TACOMA, WA

2. Air-to-Water Heat Pump Application Techniques for Fuel-Switching Retrofit
Chris DesRocches, P.Eng., Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada



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