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2023 ASHRAE Winter Conference, February 2023 (Atlanta)

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2022 ASHRAE Annual Conference, June 2022 (Toronto)

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2022 ASHRAE Winter Conference, January 2022 (Las Vegas)

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2021 ASHRAE Virtual Annual Conference, June 2021 (Virtual)

 Seminar 33 (Intermediate)
Commissioning and Cultivation
Track:  HVAC&R for Indoor Plants & Animals
Sponsor: 2.2 Plant and Animal Environment, 5.3 Room Air Distribution , MTG-CEA
Chair: James Megerson, P.E., Member, Design Mechanical Inc., Kansas City, KS
It's generally accepted that well commissioned buildings will operate better. This becomes more important when dealing with indoor agriculture facilities. There are many systems in these buildings that must operate congruently and in symphony to provide an indoor grow environment that promotes plant propagation and vitality. In addition to building systems, it is important to commission the growing process before plants are introduced into the space. This session presents the different life support systems for plants that must work in concert. Speakers compare and clarify the differences between whole building and horticulture commissioning related to these buildings.
1. Whole Building Commissioning for Cultivation Donald Hill, P.E., Member, Accutec Service, Inc., Lee's Summit, MO
2. Horticulture Commissioning Michael Zartarian, Zartarian Engineering, Boston, MA
Seminar 40 (Intermediate)
Demystifying Controlled Environments for Agriculture
Track: HVAC&R for Indoor Plants & Animals 
Sponsor: 2.2 Plant and Animal Environment, 5.3 Room Air Distribution , MTG-CEA
Chair: Nadia Sabeh, Ph.D., P.E., Associate Member, Dr. Greenhouse, Inc., Sacramento, CA
With cannabis becoming legal in nearly every US state and many countries around the globe, there are more indoor grow facilities being built. It is important for engineers and contractors to be aware of the unique requirements associated with Controlled Environments for Agriculture (CEA) facilities. The HVACD systems do not follow the conventional wisdom experienced with typical buildings. Knowing how plants thrive and produce and how that is dependent on space temperature and humidity is extremely important. The paradigm CEA is realizing that we are trying to create the perfect outdoor day for growing inside the building, every day.
1. Programming and Architecture for Controlled Environments for Agriculture Brian Anderson, AIA, Anderson Porter Design, Cambridge, MA
2. Hvacd for Controlled Environments for Agriculture James Megerson, P.E., Member, Design Mechanical Inc., Kansas City, KS
3. Purpose Built for CEA Adrian Giovenco, Member, Inspire Transpiration Solutions, Berkeley, CA



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