Method of Testing for Rating Commercial Walk-in Refrigerators and Freezers
ASHRAE Standard Project Committee 210

Member Roster

Current as of 9/30/2022

Name Voting Status Committee Position
Michael Straub Voting Chair; PcvM-Producer
Daryl Erbs Voting PcvM-Producer
Michael Chieffo Voting PcvM-Producer
Gregory Kalinyak Voting PcvM-General
Yung-Hsiang Lin Voting PcvM-User
Jonathan McHugh Voting PcvM-General
Mvuala Suami Voting PcvM-General
Mark Baines Non-voting NvM-User
Glenn Barrett Non-voting NvM-User
Kristina Kamensky Non-voting NvM-General
Georgi Kazachki Non-voting NvM-General
Warren Stem Non-voting NvM-General
Detlef Westphalen Non-voting NvM-General
Justin Prosser Non-voting Spls Liaison
Mark Weber Non-voting Staff Liaison