High Performance Sequences of Operation for HVAC Systems
ASHRAE Standing Guideline Project Committee 36

Member Roster

Current as of 12/7/2023

Name Voting Status Committee Position
Xiaohui Zhou Voting Chair; PcvM-General
Reece Kiriu Voting Vice Chair; PcvM-User
Jeffrey Boldt Voting PcvM-User
JoeDon Breda Voting PcvM-User
Ronald Bristol Voting PcvM-General
Lance Brown Voting PcvM-User
Jayson Bursill Voting PcvM-Producer
Cynthia Callaway Voting PcvM-User
Yan Chen Voting PcvM-General
Gregory Cmar Voting PcvM-User
Brent Eubanks Voting PcvM-User
Michael Galler Voting PcvM-General
Eric Koeppel Voting PcvM-User
Bryan Lang Voting PcvM-Producer
Kevin Li Voting PcvM-Producer
Aaron Opatz Voting PcvM-Producer
Gwelen Paliaga Voting PcvM-General
Chirag Parikh Voting PcvM-Producer
Michael Pouchak Voting PcvM-Producer
Paul Raftery Voting PcvM-General
Michael Reimer Voting PcvM-User
Joseph Ruggiero Voting PcvM-Producer
Ryan Soo Voting PcvM-Producer
Henry Stehmeyer Voting PcvM-Producer
Christopher Amundson Non-voting NvM-Producer
Ian Bonadeo Non-voting NvM-General
Barry Bridges Non-voting NvM-General
Anthony Bruno Non-voting NvM-Producer
C Cheng Non-voting NvM-User
James Coogan Non-voting NvM-Producer
Horacio Cornejo Non-voting NvM-User
Clark Denson Non-voting NvM-User
Richard Farmer Non-voting NvM-User
Ken Gilbert Non-voting NvM-Producer
Christopher Gosline Non-voting NvM-Producer
Siddharth Goyal Non-voting NvM-Producer
Milica Grahovac Non-voting NvM-General
David Guelfo Non-voting NvM-Producer
Kyle Hasenkox Non-voting NvM-User
Jean-Francois Landry Non-voting NvM-General
Christopher McGowan Non-voting NvM-Producer
Mark Miller Non-voting NvM-Producer
Kevin Ng Non-voting NvM-User
James Parker Non-voting NvM-User
Thiago Portes Non-voting NvM-General
David Pritchard Non-voting NvM-User
Te Qi Non-voting NvM-General
Eric Rehn Non-voting NvM-Producer
John Rundell Non-voting NvM-User
Brian Russell Non-voting NvM-Producer
Steven Sill Non-voting NvM-User
Jonathan Smith Non-voting NvM-Producer
Raf Sowacki Non-voting NvM-Producer
Iain Stewart Non-voting NvM-General
Steven Taylor Non-voting NvM-User
Juan Torres Non-voting NvM-Producer
Meziane Touati Non-voting NvM-User
Daniel Tyson Non-voting NvM-Producer
Chariti Young Non-voting NvM-Producer
Bei Zhang Non-voting NvM-Producer
Jennifer Isenbeck Non-voting Spls Liaison
Mark Weber Non-voting Staff Liaison