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Annual Meeting Agenda

TC 9.11 Clean Spaces


Hello TC 9.11 Members,

I am looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming ASHRAE Summer Conference in Kansas City, MO in June.
Below are the DRAFT version of the TC 9.11 meeting minutes for the main technical committee meeting, along with subcommittee notes. Please review these minutes for accuracy, and let me know of any modifications warranted.  We will approve these meeting minutes at the Kansas City Conference TC meeting after appropriate updates. 
Our schedule for the upcoming ASHRAE Summer Conference in Kansas City, MO is:
Sunday, June 23, 2019
TC 9.11 Energy Efficiency Subcommittee       3:00PM–4:00PM, KCCC, 2201
TC 9.11 Research Subcommittee                   4:00PM–5:00PM, KCCC, 2201
Monday, June 24, 2019
TC 9.11 Clean Spaces                                 3:00PM–6:00PM, KCCC, 2215C
Also, members of our Technical Committee will be presenting the following Seminars: 
Monday, June 24, 2019
Seminar 32: New ASHRAE Cleanroom Design Guide, Part 1: Fundamentals
Monday, June 24,2019
9:45 AM–10:45 AM                  Location: KCCC, 1st Floor, 2104A
Seminar 35: New ASHRAE Cleanroom Design Guide, Part 2: Applications
Monday, June 24,2019
11:00 AM–12:00 PM                 Location: KCCC, 1st Floor, 2105
Remember that ASHRAE's growth is defined by our volunteerism, so thank you all for your participation.

Gary Shamshoian, PE, LEED AP
Chair, TC 9.11 Clean Spaces




ASHRAE Winter Meeting Minutes

Atlanta, Monday, January 14, 2019 3:00 – 4:00, Omni Grand Ballroom B


“Commitment to the ASHRAE Code of Ethics – In this and all other ASHRAE meetings, we will act with honesty, fairness, courtesy, competence, integrity and respect for others, and we shall avoid all real or perceived conflicts of interests. (See full Code of Ethics:”


Subcommittee Meetings

TC 9.11 Cleanroom Energy Efficiency

Sunday   3:00 PM

Omni Magnolia



TC 9.11 Research

Sunday   4:00 PM

Omni Magnolia



TC 9.11 Main Meeting

Monday 3:00 PM

Omni Grand Ballroom B


TC 9.11 Design Guide

Monday 4:00 PM

Omni Grand Ballroom B



TC 9.11 Handbook

Monday 5:00 PM

Omni Grand Ballroom B




  1. Call to Order:
  • Chair Gary Shamshoian called the meeting to order at 3:00 PM.
  • All committee meeting attendees were self-introduced.


  1. Roll Call (Quorum):
  • A roll call for voting members indicated 5 of 8 Voting Members present.


  1. Minutes:
  • The draft meeting minutes from the June 2018 TC 9.11 meeting were reviewed. Cesar Lim motioned for acceptance, Gary Shamshoian seconded. The minutes were approved unanimously.


  1. Announcements - TC reorganization (proposed):
  • A Technical Committee reorganization has been suggested by ASHRAE to reduce the amount of groups requesting conference meeting times from 200 down to 32 combined working groups.
  • Some TCs would hold combined main meetings to foster better communication and collaborations.
  • The liaison was in attendance to get the TC’s first impressions, which were against this proposal.
  • A survey is being sent for individual responses, and Gary S will provide the TC 9.11 feedback.


  1. Membership:
  • Yusef Bhetasiwala and Russ Bailey were nominated and elected to move from Corresponding Members to Voting Members
  • Sign up to be a Provisional Corresponding Member on ASHRAE TC Webpage.


  1. Volunteers:
  • Russ Bailey volunteered to be Secretary and was accepted.
  • Jojo Castro volunteered to be Webmaster and was accepted.


  1. Research Subcommittee Report:
  • RTAR 1399: Vijay will clean up the Energy Efficiency for a re-vote by KC.
  • RTAR 1604: A no cost time extension was requested, with the specific time extension TBD.


  1. Design Guide:
  • The Cleanroom Design Guide needs updates within 4 more years.
  • The TC members feel that ASHRAE should collect feedback and contact data from buyers. A suggestion was to send questionnaires to purchasers. ACTION:  Gary S to follow up.
  1. Liaison Reports:
  • IEST: Nothing new.
  • ISO 14644: (Phil Naughton) There is a testing update for residual charge on inactive HEPAs.
  • ISPE: no liaison identified.  ACTION:  Gary S will take on this role.
  • TC 9.6: (Roger Lautz) USP research project work statement was approved by MTG ACR.
  • TC 7.1 and 7.2 (Mitch Swann)
    • IBD is moving to IPD focus.
    • BIM Guideline is coming soon.
    • D-B is increasing, especially for West Coast IT Cleanrooms.
    • ASHRAE does not currently have classes on Project Implementation, scheduling, bonding, etc. ASHRAE is putting together a track for future conferences.
  • NEBB: Don Hill will be NEBB Liaison. 
  • TC Commissioning: Mike Amstadt and Roger Lautz will be co-liaisons. 


  1. New Business:
  • Program Promotion: Our work should leverage off of existing research and writing efforts to create new Programs for upcoming conferences to attract new participants in our TC.
    • A seminar on Cleanroom Design Guide will be proposed by Phil, Wei, Vincent and Gary.
    • Future collaboration on commissioning with TC 7.9 was discussed.
    • Food service industry would be a good focus for Kansas City presentations.
    • Call to volunteer: Any relevant topic can be formed into a seminar, forum or paper.
  • Base Camp: 11 needs a Basecamp site.  ACTION:  Mike Armstadt will pursue this.
  • Short Course: No interest.  It was generally agreed to delete the short course.
  • Kansas City and Orlando presentations are a focus. Ideas were put forth for presentations.
  • Schedule: ACTION:  Gary S will move this meeting to 2:15 to 4pm on Monday to be adjacent to the Subcommittee meetings.


Adjournment:  Mike Amstadt motioned for adjournment, Wei Sun seconded.  Motion passed. 

Meeting adjourned at 5pm.


Meeting Minutes – Sunday, January 13, 2019, 3:00 PM

ASHRAE TC 9.11 Clean Spaces

Energy Efficiency Subcommittee


  1. Attendees:

Phil Naughton

Gary Shamshoian

Rich Russ

Maria Slovadovich

Yusef Bhetasiwala

Yash Shulila

Den Low

Jinen Adenwala

  1. Mission Statement: The Mission Statement and white paper will be posted on TC webpage.
  2. Research:
    1. ACTION: Promote a research project for cleanroom issues.
    2. ACR MTG is researching air change rates (ACR). There is an informal meeting scheduled for this Monday evening, 9pm.
    3. Goal is to help various industries improve their facilities through better energy efficiency.
    4. 11 has an RTAR but now it needs to go to Research Subcommittee.
    5. Pharma is a big application:
      1. First, need to understand where the energy is spent in a Pharma Cleanroom.
      2. Semiconductor cleanrooms have lead the way with deficiencies.
  • Surveys were done in Pharma Facilities.
  1. The research project will ask pharma companies to estimate their facility’s energy usage.
  2. Need to organizer per pharma types:
    1. Parental
    2. Compounding
  • Devices.
  1. Other important parameters to know are: Age; size; ACH; design parameters; room classifications, FFUs, OA%, room pressures.
  2. We may need to incentivize participation, maybe provide some data that would not be made publically available?
  1. Semiconductor cleanrooms could approach up to 100w/sf of process equipment heat, 2/3 of which would be removed by exhaust.
  2. What is the right energy metrics for a cleanroom: PUE?  Energy per Kg of product produced?  Energy/$ Energy?
  3. The Research Subcommittee will ask these questions.
  4. Like Energy Star ratings, these ratings or surveys may change position as technology progresses.
  5. An older research project looked at 8-10 cleanrooms to compare data.
    1. LBNL did this type of survey.
    2. We are asking Owners to measure total energy for cleanroom operations.
  6. 90 fpm is classical HEPA filter velocity. Now it has gone down to 50 fpm without problems with unidirectional airflow.
  7. 6 ACH for operating room as standard practice was defined in 1941 , which had to do with diluting concentrations of anesthesia (ether).
  8. Regulators sometimes blindly endorse ACH standards, using the position that “ it is safer to leave things where they are.”
  9. Any energy savings to pharmaceutical cleanrooms may risk 100 times that in production risks.
  10. RTAR will help companies understand the risks and impacts for better facility decision-making.
  11. Semiconductor industry has gone to recycled water because they use a lot of water.
  12. If RTAR is approved, then we start finding companies that are willing to share cleanroom data.
  13. TC 9.11 has published the Cleanroom Design Guide last year.
  14. ASHRAE accepts research papers from Universities and publishes.

Unsolicited Research Projects can be submitted to ASHRAE.



Meeting Minutes – Sunday, January 13, 2019, 4:00 PM

ASHRAE TC 9.11 Clean Spaces

Research Subcommittee


  1. Attendees:

Phil Naughton

Gary Shamshoian

R Vijayakumar   


Yusef Bhetasiwala

Yash Shulila

Russ Bailey



  1. RTAR for Energy Efficiency
    1. Step 1: Submit to Research Liaison.
    2. Step 2: We will fulfill requests or updates.
    3. Submit to RAC.


  1. New Ideas:
    1. Air Sweep Effectiveness.


  1. New Subjects:
    1. Bring them up in Main Meeting.


 TC 9.11 Roster


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 TC 9.11 Las Vegas Meeting Agenda

 TC 9.11 Minutes-Cover-Sheet-2016  St Louis

 TC9 11 StLouis Meeting report 2016

 TC 9.11 Roster

 Research & Technical Activities Report

 TC 9.11 Energy Efficiency Subcommittee Meeting, June 28, 2016
 TC9 11_Orlando_Meeting report_2016                            



Committee Chair

Mr Russell T Bailey

Committee Scope

TC 9.11 is concerned with air conditioning systems for cleanrooms and spaces, including process, product and facility air conditioning and related process ventilation for Research and Development, manufacturing, assembly, test and clean medical areas.


Upcoming Society Conferences

ASHRAE Winter Conference
Feb 4-8, 2022

Additional Information

A new subcommittee of TC9.11 – Energy Efficiency for Clean Rooms has been formed.
This subcommittee will focus on various aspects of energy efficiency of cleanrooms. The immediate goal of the subcommittee is to publish TC9.11 white paper on this topic. It will also help in other operations of our TC such as:
1.Proposing suitable journal article
2.Finding opportunities to propose Seminar, Forum and other technical sessions in ASHRAE conferences
3.Continue to publish ASHRAE white paper on the topic
4.Collaborate with other TCs and other related organization to share knowledge and experience on this topic

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The subcommittee meetings are where the action is, so don't miss them. They are a good way for TC members to become more closely involved with the activities of the committee.