Building Environmental Impacts and Sustainability
ASHRAE Technical Committee 2.8


What are the aims and scope of TC2.8?
ASHRAE’s Technical Committee 2.8 ‘Building Environmental Impacts and Sustainability’ is concerned with the environmental, social, and economic impacts of buildings, including effects on ecosystem sustainability and the well-being of building occupants. Accordingly, TC2.8 proposes research projects, organizes program events, prepares handbook information, and is responsible for updating the following Fundamental Handbook chapter: Energy Resources and Sustainability, updating the ASHRAE Green Guide, and is the cognizant technical committee for the following standards: Standard 189.1Standard for the Design of High-Performance, Green Buildings Except Low-Rise ResidentialStandard 189.3Design, Construction, and Operation of Sustainable High-Performance Health Care Facilities, and Standard 191PStandard for the Conservation of Water Use in Building, Site and Mechanical Systems. The subcommittee is currently developing a new ASHRAE Water Energy Nexus Guide.

How is TC2.8 organized?
TC2.8 is organized as a main committee with six subcommittees. The four topical subcommittees are Existing and Future Building Challenges, International, Research, and Water-Energy Nexus. In addition, a Handbook subcommittee prepares and updates the relevant handbook chapters. The Programs subcommittee identifies seminars and presentations for upcoming ASHRAE meetings.

How can I contribute to TC2.8?
TC2.8 meets at ASHRAE semi-annual meetings. The meetings are open for anybody to attend – ASHRAE members, non-members, and visitors. The committee (and other interested parties) also communicate using an email list. All of the work of the committee is done on a voluntary basis. You do not have to be a formal member of the committee to volunteer for anything although some activities, such as project evaluation subcommittees require meeting attendance for participation. ASHRAE keeps a roster of the committee's voting members and corresponding members. If you want to be a corresponding member you can sign up under your ASHRAE profile or join our listserve.

You do not have to be a formal member of the committee to be on a subcommittee. The subcommittees are often looking for volunteers to organize program events and prepare research project proposals (RTARs and Work Statements). If you are interested in working on a research proposal you are encouraged to find one or more other people involved with the relevant subcommittee to work with.

Why should I attend TC2.8?
If you are interested in the impacts of buildings on the environment and the well-being of building occupants, we welcome you to join one (or all) of our meetings! See our past programs, which reflect the interests of our TC. Topics include energy efficiency, net-zero energy buildings, water efficiency, case studies and modeling, healthier buildings, the ASHRAE Advanced Energy Design Guides, climate change, and more. Hope to see you at one of our meetings!