Building Environmental Impacts and Sustainability
ASHRAE Technical Committee 2.8


Meetings Information

Technical sessions sponsored/cosponsored by this TC at the Annual Meeting are listed below (all times are listed in Local Time). If interested, check out our past programs here!


Sunday, June 23

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM EDT

Seminar 2: LIVESTREAM: Electrifying the Future: Decarbonization Strategies for the Built Environment

Co-sponsored with 6.7 Solar and Other Renewable Energies

Chair: Constantinos Balaras, PhD
Summary: This seminar aims to explore the critical role of electrification in achieving decarbonization objectives within the built environment. It covers the spectrum of electrification-enabling technologies, emphasizing their potential to significantly reduce reliance on fossil fuels and minimize carbon emissions. The focus will be on exploring a variety of solutions, including the implementation of renewable energy sources and the integration of sustainable technologies into building design and operations.
1: Commercial Solar Lighting Systems and Their Contribution to Decarbonization Goals
Khalid Nagidi, EMCG, WANTAGH, NY, United States
This presentation provides an in-depth introduction to off-grid (stand-alone) solar lighting system, and its application in roadways, highways, boulevards, parks, pathways, street and parking lots. In addition, the presentation discusses the analysis and design process to properly size the solar photovoltaic panel, battery and LED light fixture.
2: Equitable Urban Renewable Energy Integration through Planning and Simulation
Fengqi Li, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN, USA
This presentation will introduce a collective planning approach that adopts equity-based planning principles, which include policy evaluation, infrastructure investment, and technological development, to organize renewable energy as a common-pool resource. The presentation will demonstrate a decision and design framework for better facilitating renewable energy deployment in the built environment.


11:00 AM – 12:30 PM EDT

Seminar 10: Help has Arrived! Decarbonizing Heating Systems for Buildings

Co-sponsored with Task Force for Building Decarbonization

Chair: Carol Marriott, P. Eng.
Summary: Electrification of heating systems is a critical element in reducing the emissions impact of buildings on the road for decarbonization of the built environment.  This seminar looks at the newest decarbonization guide for heat pumps and other strategies to achieve this goal. The session looks at strategies for shifting fossil fuel based heating and domestic hot water systems to electric systems. The seminar shows configurations for multiple building types, solutions for cold weather and addressing electrical limitations. Case studies will be included as well as decision pathways to help make electrification projects possible and practical.
1: The Process of Creating Electrification Design Guidance
Author: Paul Torcellini, P.E., National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO, USA
An overview of the decarbonization heating guide will be provided as well as an overview of heat pumps and their applications including mapping from fossil fuel technologies. Decision trees and checklists will be presented to help designers effectively plan for decarbonization projects including developing action plans to decarbonize a building whether it is a major retrofit or a series of steps taking over time.
2: Digging in: Strategies for Electrifying Heating Systems

Author: Sammy Houssainy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, MISSION VIEJO, CA, USA
Moving from familiar fossil fuel heating systems to electrified systems can be challenging. Many barriers seem to consistently pop up when thinking about electrifying including sizing, electrical capacity, cold ambient conditions, and many others. This session will address many of these barriers with pathways to overcome the barriers.
3: Reality Hits: the Practical Aspects of Making Heating Systems Work

Author: Stet Sanborn, AIA, Smithgroup, WASHINGTON, DC, USA
Different buildings require different solutions. This presentation will show before and after strategies for installing electrified heating systems including heat pumps, DOAS systems, and integration with existing systems. Practical insights and case studies will show that heat pumps and related technologies can be successfully implemented in real projects.


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