Absorption and Heat Operated Machines
ASHRAE Technical Committee 8.3

Upcoming TC Meetings

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2023 ASHRAE Annual Meeting

Tampa - Hybrid Conference




Monday, June 19

1:00 pm - 3:00 PM ET 

Subcommittee Meeting

Virtual Only (ZOOM)


Zoom Meeting ID: 997 0013 1214 ; Passcode: 693140

Link: TC 8.3 Subcommittee Meeting - Details (rdmobile.com)

Monday, June 26

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET

Main TC Meeting

In-person and Virtual (ZOOM)

Tampa Marriott Waterside, Meeting Room 10 (3) 


Zoom Meeting ID: 978 1498 5451 ; Passcode: 541941

Link: TC 8.3 Absorption and Heat Operated Machines - Details (rdmobile.com)

Committee Chair

Dr Brian M Fronk

Committee Scope

TC 8.3 is concerned with the design, performance and application of equipment energized by a heat source and using a thermodynamic cycle to provide an air-conditioning, refrigerating or heating function...


Upcoming Society Conferences

ASHRAE 2024 Annual Conference
June 22-26, 2024
Indianapolis, IN

Additional Information

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