Geothermal Heat Pump and Energy Recovery Applications
ASHRAE Technical Committee 6.8

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JANUARY 20-24, 2024    -CHICAGO, IL




TC 6.8 Research Subcommittee

Tuesday, January 9 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM CST


Chair: Harrison Skye

Session Type: Technical Committee  

Meeting Format: Virtual 

Location: Virtual

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TC 6.8 Handbook & Programs

Sunday, January 21 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM CST

Chair: Steve Kavanaugh

Session Type: Technical Committee  

Meeting Format: Hybrid 

Location: Marriott Marquis Chicago, Glessner House ABC (3)




TC 6.8 Geothermal Heat Pump and Energy Recovery Applications

Tuesday, January 23 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM CST

Chair: Howard Newton 

Session Type: Technical Committee  

Meeting Format: Hybrid 

Location: McCormick Place West, W180 (1) Location: McCormick Place West, W180 (1)





  2. Seminar 19: LIVESTREAM: Beneficial Electrification

    Sunday, January 21
    3:15 PM – 4:45 PM CST

    Program Level: Intermediate Program Track: HVAC&R Systems and Equipment Session Type: Seminar Days: Sunday, January 21

    Electrification is a common topic on many building owners' agenda. Many owners are being pushed to decarbonize their building or campus. In some owners' mind, this mostly requires reducing the scope 1 (direct combustion in building or campus) emissions but this simple approach can cause scope 2 emissions to exceed the scope 1 savings, resulting in a net increase in carbon dioxide emissions.  Heat pump systems, and specifically ground source heat pumps, in colder climates can accomplish a reduction or elimination of scope 1 emissions without increasing the resulting scope 2 emissions, i.e. beneficial electrification.

    Svein Morner

    Technical Committee:
    2.8 Building Environmental Impacts and Sustainability

    Co-Sponsoring Committee:
    6.8 Geothermal Heat Pump and Energy Recovery Applications

    Other Sponsoring Committee:
    4.2 Climatic Information


    Seminar 19: Presentation 1: Beneficial Electrification of Mcfarland, WI Public Safety Building

    Sunday, January 21
    3:15 PM – 3:35 PM CST

    Beneficial Electrification of Mcfarland, WI Public Safety Building
    Presenting Author: Andrew DeRocher, HGA, Minneapolis, MN, United States

    McFarland (climate zone 6) Public Safety Building was designed and constructed to be an all electric net zero energy facility. This presentation will describe the net-zero energy journey through the design, construction and operation and share the successes as well as the lessons learned throughout this process. Andy will discuss how the heating load was minimized and the renewable energy systems was sized to generate enough energy to cover the heating load which is typically the biggest challenge when creating net zero energy facilities in northern climates.


    Seminar 19: Presentation 2: Comed Schools Electrification

    Sunday, January 21
    3:35 PM – 3:55 PM CST

    Comed Schools Electrification
    Presenting Author: Andrew Wiegand, MichaelsEnergy, La Crosse, WI, USA

    There are six general categories to the Illinois public schools carbon free assessment program. The program aims to show multiple carbon solutions for each school. All are important but schools appear generally drawn toward one of them; solar. Ignoring all else because of their general lack of public appeal, or sticker shock.

    Energy Efficiency, HVAC Electrification, Insulation, WELL, electric vehicles, are included but hurdles such as electric load, time commitments, cost, and personnel appear too big.

    The way to get to carbon neutral is using multiple paths. If schools concentrate on only solar, carbon neutrality will be hard to reach.


    Seminar 19: Presentation 3: Dunkelflaute (Dark Doldrums) Defrosting of Air-Source Heat Pumps

    Sunday, January 21
    3:55 PM – 4:15 PM CST

    Dunkelflaute (Dark Doldrums) Defrosting of Air-Source Heat Pumps
    Presenting Author: Eric Peterson, PhD, PE, CEng, Visiting Research Fellow-Univ. of LEEDS, Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

    This presentation will address cold climatic constraints of air-source heat-pump (ASHP) operation that may improve the business case for drilling geothermal heat exchangers. ASHP evaporators need to be repeatedly reverse-cycled to pulse hot gas through “evaporators” to defrost frozen condensate during conditions of gloomy fog to 6°C. Frost build-up on air source heat exchanger surface decrease the system coefficient of performance (COP). Unfortunately, such gloomy fog conditions coincide with failure of renewable energy generation from rooftop solar and off-site windfarms.


    Seminar 19: Presentation 4: Comprehensive Decarbonization Planning for Diverse County-Owned Buildings

    Sunday, January 21
    4:15 PM – 4:35 PM CST

    Comprehensive Decarbonization Planning for Diverse County-Owned Buildings
    Presenting Author: Russell Knudson, pe, HGA, Minneapolis, MN, United States

    Owners and operators of large real estate portfolios have the greatest opportunity in the global effort to combat climate change by decarbonizing their operations. Determining the highest value properties to focus a decarbonization effort requires forethought, planning, and an ability to continually re-focus the effort to other buildings. We will present the methods used to solicit, structure, evolve, and accomplish a comprehensive energy/emissions capital planning study of over one million square feet. The study resulted in a long-range decarbonization capital plan that includes approximately 2,800 tons CO2e mitigated annually, $17 million in IRA incentives, and $2 million in energy savings.










Committee Chair

Mr Howard W Newton

Committee Scope

TC 6.8 is concerned with all equipment and systems which collect, store and utilize geothermal energy or fluids for the purpose of heating and cooling, and with the development and application of heat pump systems and heat recovery by refrigeration cycles including system design, operation, and performance (product design of unitary heat pumps and equipment components is excluded).


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ASHRAE 2024 Winter Conference
January 20-24, 2024
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Kirk T Mescher Innovation Award

This award is in memory of Kirk T Mescher, PE, an engineer who specialized in HVAC but whose real forte was innovation. Kirk’s design ideas are clever in and of themselves but the courage to implement them in projects and freely share the results underscores his exemplary service to our industry.

The award will be given in recognition of those who demonstrate or foster innovation, simplicity, and energy efficient designs for HVAC and GSHP systems.


$3000 to be awarded in 2024!

Applications are due the first week of January. 


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