Exergy Analysis for Sustainable Buildings (EXER)
ASHRAE Technical Committee 7.4


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Location: Orlando


Hilton Orlando, L, Bay Hill


February 2, 2020

Committee Chair

Dr Birol I Kilkis, OSTIM

Committee Scope

TC 7.4 is concerned with all exergy aspects of energy and power utilization of systems and equipment for comfort and service, assessment of their impact on the environment, and development of analysis techniques, methodologies and solutions for environmentally safer, sustainable low-exergy buildings.


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ASHRAE 2024 Winter Conference
January 20-24, 2024
Chicago, IL

Additional Information

Exergy in a Heating, Cooling and Air-Conditioning system, is a thermodynamic process relating to the extraction of the maximum useful work between a system's current state and equilibrium with its heat reservoir or its environment. Exergy is the available energy to be used, and accounts for process irreversibility due to entropy increasing. At equilibrium with its environment, exergy is zero.

In application, consideration of utilizing low differential exergy sources (including source energy), as with heat pump or solar collection versus fossil fuel, is the preferred as a more sustainable, closer to the environment state process.

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