Smart Building Systems
ASHRAE Technical Committee 7.5

Meeting Documents

Download documents from previous committee meetings below according to the appropriate society year. ASHRAE's society year begins on July 1 and ends June 30.

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Other Publications

Additional documents produced by the TC may be available for direct download or for purchase through the ASHRAE Bookstore, as noted below.


ASHRAE members have free access to research project final reports. Non-ASHRAE members can purchase research reports for $30 per article from the ASHRAE Bookstore found at this link.

TC 7.5 has completed the following research projects:

RP-1274 -- Field Performance Assessment of Package Equipment to Quantify Benefits of Proper Service

The purpose of this project was to perform proper fault detection and diagnoses of HVAC package equipment and to quantify the benefits of proper service. Increasing the reliability of fault detection and diagnosis would improve unit efficiency, reduce energy costs, and contribute to improved occupant comfort. The cost of proper servicing would be offset by these efficiency gains and reduced costs.

RP-1274, "Field Performance Assessment of Package Equipment to Quantify Benefits of Proper Service"
RP-1011, "Utility/Energy Management and Control Systems (EMCS) Communication Protocol Requirements"
RP-1043 "Fault Detection and Diagnostic Requirements and Evaluation Tools for Chillers"


Presentations from TC sponsored seminars can be downloaded here, if available.