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RP-852:  Comparison of Duct System Computer Models That Could Provide Input to the Thermal Distribution Standard Method of Test
RP-1165:  System Interactions in Forced-Air Heating and Cooling Systems 
RP-1056:  Field Validation of ASHRAE Standard 15
RP-1164:  Improved Ways to Measure Residential Duct Leakage
RP-1449: Energy Efficient and Cost Assessment of Humidity Control Options for Residential Buildings


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Topic for Discussion

Fri, Sep 16, 2022, 11:39 AM


Bill, Eric:

I would like to discuss ASHRAE Std. 15.2, Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems in Residential Applications. The first edition of this standard was developed under SSPC15, with most of the work being done by the 15.2 Subcommittee, and was published earlier this year. Many members of the 15.2 Subcommittee now wishes to have a separate Standing Standards Project Committee (SSPC) set up to continue the maintenance of this standard in the coming years. The SSPC 15 main committee voted on a motion today to make this recommendations to Standards Committee, but it did not pass. Thus, I request that RBC and TC6.8 consider making a similar motion to Standards Committee that recommends forming a separate SSPC for 15.2. Here are several reasons why I believe this should be done.

  • Standard 15 (Safety Standard for Refrigeration) has historically only covered commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning applications. A separate standard for residential systems (15.2) was developed because of the unique safety requirements for residential systems as a result of the recent introduction of flammable (A2L) refrigerants. Because of this past history, the Main Committee members primarily represent commercial and industrial interests. The 15.2 Subcommittee has significant representation from the residential sector, but it should be noted that only 3 members of the 15.2 Subcommittee are voting members on the Main Committee. The chair of the 15.2 Subcommittee (Jim Vershaw) is not even a voting member of the Main Committee.
  • The cognizant TC’s for Std. 15 and 15.2 are currently TC10.1 (Customer Engineered Refrigeration Systems) and TC9.1 (Large Building Air-Conditioning Systems). I believe that TC6.3 (Central Forced Air Heating and Cooling Systems) and possibly TC8.11 (Unitary and Room Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps) are more appropriate cognizant TC’s for Std. 15.2.
  • The 15.2 Subcommittee spent a lot of time developing this standard and was significantly delayed by having to repeat much of this discussion with the Main Committee before they would approve it. Creating a separate SSPC for 15.2 would reduce these unproductive delays.
  • There have been comments that the 15.2 Subcommittee is not balanced and that is true since it has a large number of equipment manufacturers on it. However, if a separate SSPC were formed, we would be required to be balanced and that would be good for everyone involved. The SSPC15 Main Committee may be balanced by the usual metrics, but it is very lacking in terms of voting members who are directly involved in the residential market.
  • There have been some comments that there is overlap between Std. 15 and Std. 15.2, thus they should be under the same SSPC. There is precedence on separate SPPC’s for residential applications such as SSPC62.2 and SSPC90.2. I am currently on SSPC62.2 and am a past member of SSPC90.2 and I believe the benefits of having separate SSPC’s are significant and it is possible to keep these standards consistent with their commercial counterparts through appropriate liaisons.

In summary, I believe that forming a separate SSPC for 15.2 will further our goal of strengthening the presence of ASHRAE in the residential sector by not making this committee subservient to a commercially-dominated committee. Thus, I request that each of your committees make a request to Standards Committee to consider forming this new SSPC.

Thank you for your time.


Roy R. Crawford, Ph.D

Executive Director, Advanced Technology

North America Ducted Systems